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In The Eyes of The Hearing People...  

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Yoooooooooooo!!! I'm back again after a while! XD I don't know what I wanna write about... so I let myself flowing in a time stream until I read this recent post: How to Make New Friend with Deaf Person in Selina's Wing.Thus something "flashy" popped out in my mind. I should mention how the hearing people reacted when the deaf person is trying to communicate with the hearing person or the deaf person is chatting with the deaf person.

After my schoolhood which I was kept "ALIVE" at home and for tuition for 14 years, I had made some discoveries on how the hearing people reacted towards the deaf culture. I found out that some of the incident I encountered turned into a funny eventful ones. XD Oh yes, I didn't know how to communicate with the hearing people at the first time. It's because I never see how my friends communicate with the hearing people. At that moment, I had have myself to figure out a way on how to communicate with the hearing people.

I was enjoying the first time although I feel weird in the way I communicated with the hearing people. Well, until now on, I noticed that there are some kind of situations which showed how the hearing person encounters the deaf person.

When the deaf person is ordering for a meal,
it depends on how old the cashier/waiter is.. Young hearing people could understand faster but sometimes confused. Older hearing people are much slower in understanding. For example, if there are no menu on the counter desk or table, the deaf person have to give out some hand gesture (yet it's non-official sign language) to tell the cashier what they want to order. it often happens when I go to KFC or McDonald restaurant. Sometimes they give wrong meal to me..... -___-

When the deaf person is in a lounge or a cafe or a public space, the hearing people would be curious. Haha, does it sound weird to you? But that is how they talked. In my college time, there was no enough space which caused my deaf friend and me have to sit between a hearing friend. We chatted and suddenly my hearing friend laughed. We become puzzled and he told us he never seen the sign language before. We also laughed because we knew the sign language is something that people don't see so easily in public.

I know that there are still a plenty of the hearing people are not getting used to the deaf culture. I have seen how the different people reacted when communicating with the deaf person and me. Some are interested in learning sign languages. Some are interested in how they going on with their life. Some are hardly to understand what we are trying to convert our talking by using sign language. To communicate with the deaf person, you need a lot of patience, tolerance, understanding and time indeed. Soon or later, you will be adapted with their lifestyle. I'm sure you will enjoy it so much. ^_^v

Another Wedding Luncheon Again!  

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Sorry for being late to publish this out. However, I want to share this "happy" news with all of you.

Dated back to 17th July 2008 which has become a memorial day to my ex-classmate, Mastura and Nurhanif, my godbrother, I attended their wedding luncheon together with my friends, Amir, Chyuan Wen, Sue and Calvin plus Michael and Daphne on that day. But Michael and Daphne was just tagging with the car Amir drove because Michael didn't know how to go there.

Actually I stayed in KL for 2 days there. Skipped what I did before the day of their wedding, their wedding luncheon is located at the hall somewhere in village-like area near Kuala Lumpur.
Their wedding plan was very simple and plain though there was minor distortion in their plan but no one become panicked (I noticed)... Luckily the plan was not completely ruined!

Thanks to their wedding, I was able to meet a few of my ex-classmates. Although there are not many ex-classmates attending, I was still glad to see them again. I also managed to chat with them for a while and learned what they are currently doing in their life. Hope they are doing good!

Again, I congratulate Mastura and Nurhanif on their marriage. Hope their marriage would be blessed with long life happiness and joy!

FYI, I noticed that most of my Malay friends and schoolmates are getting married this year. =_=lll This is the third couple! Who will be the next ones?!

The Resurrection Ritual Begins!  

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As you know, I have been not updating or creating any new post on my blog for 88 days... I'm apologizing to the readers who keep checking my blog but leaving with disappointment. Well, there was not much happening around me. So that's why I left my blog abandoned due to nothing happened in my life! Sigh*** >_< See, I was working mostly of my time and staying at home. Then you know why there is such no happening around me! =P

Recently, I have been given surprises by 2 friends who complimented my blog. I am really and truly thankful to them - Lee Tur Chung and Leon Lim for reading my "useless and trashy" blog. Hehe... According to them, I should keep getting my blog be alive still and still. I was very touched although my blog has not been updated until today! It was beyond my expectation! O_O

Readers, I will try my best to update my blog as soon as possible. But I have been wondering, "What do the reader like to read about? Or what do the reader want me to write on my blog? More about my personal life? Less about general stuff or happening?" Perhaps I should create a poll to confirm and point out of my curiosity. ^_^

Thank You to Firefox 3!  

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So far as all of you know, Firebox 3 is now all set to reach new territories, and also being on the way to its glory. With its new development into new version, it aims to create a world record for the most number of software downloads in a single day. Mozilla is surely on its way to create the record and so, this campaign namely Download Day 2008
is pledging me and you to download Firefox 3 and spread Firefox 3 around our friends!

As the record show in World Chart,our country, Malaysia has reached almost 120,000 downloads. Wow, it's really quite many people support on using Firefox. Why it's so? It's because Firefox has increased security, blinding speed and cool new features that will change the way you use the Web! Not only that, Firefox 3 with more than 15,000 improvements, Firefox 3 is now faster, safer and smarter than before.

To show the world that I helped to support Firefox 3 by setting a Guinness World Record, I would like to present my very own personalized Firefox 3 Download Day certificate!

After you saw all good features that Firefox 3 offers, so what are you waiting for? Let's get moving and download Firefox 3 into your computer immediately or you will regret for all your life =P. Come on people, Firefox rocks doesn’t it? Come to join us!! Just click this picture below!